Thursday, July 7, 2016

Number 8: Day 13


  1. I recently watched Juhan Shuttai, and yeah, Joe seems like a good fit for Bernard Black. And the shorter run of Japanese series makes sense here. Still have trouble with how my favourite K-Dramas like The harvest villa could have been better if they had been shorter.

    Added Date to my to-watch list. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! I love Date, but it's not everyone's thing - some on my Twitter timeline hate it as strongly as I love it. :)

    2. Well will take a look. Can you recommend anything similar to The harvest villa?

    3. Harvest Villa's sitting on my hard drive as yet unwatched. I'll read the synopses and see if I can think of something

    4. Ah, I can wait. Thanks for the offer. If and when you do watch it, and, I hope, enjoy it, I hope you would be able to think of a recommendation.

    5. Forgot to thank you for the recommendations in this series of posts. I caught Date (Anne Watanabe surprised me in this - generally don't find her interesting).
      Also went ahead and finished Hayako - absolutely loved it. Some bits of writing were magnificent.

      Was reminded of your posts when I was looking at what I could watch today and thought about picking up Atami no Sousakan, which also stars Joe Odagiri. I think a J-Manny might be available in one of Satoshi Miki's works. In fact, Satoshi Miki might make someone like Joe do a good job being the J-Manny that we are looking for.

    6. Glad you liked them. You're definitely not the first to say that about Anne in Date, it seems she surprised many with her performance