Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie 03/50 London Paris New York


  1. My brother and I both agree that Ali Zafar has to be one of those guys who somehow always looks so smug and self-satisfied yet in a completely endearing and charming way not a douchey way. Go figure.

    Anyway, I was also looking forward to LPNY for much the same reasons as you. I think you've hit the nail on the head with the issues of the film. Although for some reason, though everyone else seems to dislike Nikhil's rant, I have to say that was the most memorable and enjoyable part of the movie for me (I do pretend though that it didn't have all that needless vulgar language in it) o_O; I just found it so natural that he would be flabbergasted at her decision to just run off and go marry some guy after what had just happened and something about Ali's tearful and frustrated delivery struck a chord with me (although, again all the rude language seemed so jarring and ridiculously out of place uurrrghhh, annoyed me to no end).

    For me, while the film managed to set the right tone of easy conversation and an instant connect between strangers from the beginning, I started having misgivings as soon as the romantic undertones became apparent. Because for me, that happened way too quickly. I know, I know - it was only about 2 hours and they did have 3 countries/meetings to get through but still, I think a little bit more conversation, a little less instant inexplicable attraction would have been more charming.

    The conversation itself, it has to be said, bordered on the cliche side. I wouldn't have minded inane chatter - one of my absolute favourite things about Before Sunrise/Sunset is the fact that the characters seem to relate one anecdote after the other and talk about everything under the sun yet their conversation never came across to me as something I'd already heard a million times.

    But again, I also really liked the movie. I'd watch it again, simply for the visuals, the atmosphere, the music, the actors, the concept... it's just that I know it could have been even better and that's what disappoints me slightly.

    By the way, I (and my family) really adored Love Breakups Zindagi so if you haven't tried it I heartily recommend it. Completely and utterly delightful. Truly.

    1. Thanks! I'd been wondering about LBZ, now I'll definitely check it out. I agree with your comments about the conversations in LPNY too - more would have been better - maybe she could have done "London Paris" and had a "New York Mumbai" sequel" to allow time for more of the sort of naturalistic yet urbane conversation that defines the Sunrise/Sunset films.

    2. Yeah, I agree - it could have been split out much like the Linklater ones.

      I hope you enjoy LBZ. There was only one part that truly grated for us, and you'll know which one it is as soon as you see it ;)

    3. BTW, I didn't realise there was an LBZ/LPNY connection, with Aditi's husband being in LBZ :)