Friday, May 18, 2012

Movie 07/50 Andaz Apna Apna


  1. Like you, I didn't appreciate this movie fully the first time I watched it - I'm pretty sure I was aware that I wasn't appreciating it, and I didn't hate it - but still the fact is I didn't really get most of it. I think you are right that if I watched it again now I'd like it much more.

    All of that said, Juhi Chawla's cameo stuck with me indelibly, and from then on *every* single time I see her, in a movie or even just in a still while surfing the web, I can't stop myself exclaiming "haila, Juhi Chawla!" A couple of weeks ago I did the first in a series of "Broadway/Bollywood exchanges" with a friend of mine - she showed me *Phantom of the Opera*, and I showed her *Paheli*. As soon as Juhi appeared on screen in the latter, out of my lips came "haila, Juhi Chawla!" and I was obliged to explain *Andaz apna apna* and this cameo to my bewildered friend!

    carla (filmigeek)

  2. Hehe, that's a great story. Nice that the opening sequence of this film made such an impression on you and that you got the chance to explain the mental segué. I'm definitely adding this to my Induna cart now, for future voyages of rediscovery.