Sunday, June 24, 2012

muhabbat kii jhuuThii kahaanii pe roye


  1. When I saw that your latest post was on Kahaani (which I haven't seen yet - will do that this week), I decided I wouldn't read your post now. Will be back!

  2. I think you will enjoy it. This post was about a specific spoilery issue. My fiftyfiftyme review was spoiler free.

  3. non-resident indians (and foreigners) NEVER drink the local water in India. They ALWAYS carry a mineral water bottle around. Yes, even those people who were born here, grazed their knees here catching cricket balls, and then moved out. Even them. The mineral water bottle is a dead giveaway that you're not "one of us", that you're the one who went away. It would have been a glaring mistake had that water bottle NOT been there.

    And, Kolkata is October can get pretty humid sometimes. You can sweat buckets.

    Eating? Heh! Really, boss, why's that even a carp? Honestly, did you expect her standing in front of the Victoria Memorial and wolfing down panipuris?

    - alfaazi

    1. Thanks for your reply, alfaazi. As I said above, these were not my complaints about the film. I did say that rewatching it made me convinced the water must have been there for a reason, and you've supplied an excellent possibility, thanks! Adding it as part of her NRI disguise makes perfect sense indeed.

    2. Have to agree with Alfaazi here. I don't carry water around in India but don't eat or drink outside the home unless food is hot (which hopefully kills all the germs)/water is bottled and sealed. So I find Vidya's behavior quite believable. I liked Tinker Tailor SS and while they are both spy-intrigue-y, I didn't see any other parallels - am surprised that you did. Do elucidate.

    3. For me, the parallels with Tinker, Tailor were in the mole-hunting part of the story - a big part of both stories was trying to find the identity of a leak within a spy organisation, so more cerebral than say Bourne style espionage thrillers.