Monday, July 23, 2012

Movie 18/50 Love Breakups Zindagi


  1. I don't get the vitriol Zayed garners either. I've enjoyed him on everything from MHN to Anjaana Anjaani to this. Both Zayed and Dia did well in this - they had their hearts in it completely. I absolutely loved the level of detail the makers of the movie put in there and the lovely, light, breezy feel. Sometimes I guess a movie just clicks for you and that's what happened for me with LBZ - just thinking about it makes me smile <3 So I can't be rational about this at all.

    Govind and Sheila's story was very well done, I was pleased with that.

    The black mark against this movie for me is SRK's presence :/ I thought I was being my biased self but then when I asked my family they felt his scene didn't really gel with the rest of the movie either so at least I know 3 other people who agree with me XD Urgh, why why why. I've seen this movie 4-5 times and each time I cringe during that bit.

    - @Nakhrewali

    1. I think what I liked about that cameo was the interaction between Zayed and Diya - her pleading and his teasing. I agree that having SRK there made so sense in itself, but she did a great job of acting starstruck.

    2. Yep, Dia and Zayed's characters made the scene somewhat tolerable for me.