Monday, September 24, 2012

Book 20/50 The Thin Man


  1. If that's what the book is like, then it's a definite shoo-in for the rare "Movie is Better than the Book" category. The movie is one of my favorites; I've been meaning to get around to reading the book, but I may not bother now. From your description of the book, the movie does a good job both of toning down the objectionable content and of injecting some charm. There's still a TON of alcohol, though. : )

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Heqit. I look forward to watching the movies soon - from what I undertand, the movies feature martinis more than whisky, which probably nicely illustrates the stylistic shift too. :)

    2. There's no question about it - the movie IS better than the book. Witty, entertaining and fun, I can see why so many people like it so much.