Friday, November 16, 2012

Movie 37/50 Benvenuti al Sud


  1. Thank you, Stuart! I haven't seen this (or heard of it, actually), but I've added it to my wishlist. The north-south 'divide' reminded me of another classic Italian comedy, Mafioso... a good film, though I'd still rate I Soliti Ignoti as my all-time favourite Italian comedy. :-)

  2. I saw this at the recent Italian Film Festival here, dragged along by Italian friends who assured me it was a 'laugh riot' - usually a description to make me run the other way. I really liked it! The actors are delightful. I wasn't expecting to like something so reliant on stereotypes and broad comedy staples but it was very funny. I kept thinking 'oh surely they won't...' and they did, but often in ways I wasn't quite expecting. I kept thinking this might translate well to an Indian setting with a Hindi language snob sent to Hyderabad ;)